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The brand “Barcelona” is probably one of the best examples of City Branding. From Nepal to the Chilean Patagonia, Barcelona is one of the most well known cities in the world. Thanks to its Soccer team, Picasso, Gaudí, The Sagrada Familia, The Olympic Games and many other concepts have brought popularity to this amazing city.

Years ago, few companies started to grow the concept of luxury apartments in Barcelona. Their idea was to create private premium places for unique people. More privacy to let them feel like at home or at least with same or better services than a 5* Grand Luxe Hotel could provide.  Nowadays, some of those companies have growed successfully in the city where others just took the name “Luxury” with the excuse to over-charge your stay. That is why I will give you a selected list that you can trust to choose for Luxury & Premium apartments in Gaudi´s home place.

Choosing the option of a premium apartment gives you possibilities to enjoy privacy whilst maintaining a concept of family or friends gathered for a special purpose or to share a common space between co-workers visiting one of the many international fairs Barcelona has to offer.

There are few renowned companies that might offer you a great premium option for your stay. Let me highlight to you:

  • EL PALAUET  (Luxury)                                                    Location

Located in Eixample, at one of the premium  shopping avenues in the city, Passeig de Gracia Avenue. Brands like Hermès, Chanel, Burberry´s, Luis Vuitton, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana will welcome you to Barcelona. It is one of the most exclusive buildings with the most unique service in town. Design, Elegance, personal Service & Premium Location.

Ritz-Carlton is offering the most premium residence product by means of 28 luxury apartments up to 400sqm/4003sqf of exceptional and high-end decoration and service. With the most superb view to Barcelona and the Mediterranean sea. Now, if you want to add comfort and relax for the next step of luxury, there are exclusive services offered by Six Senses Spas, considered one of the best companies in the world with an extensive selection of exquisite beauty treatment and massages. @HotelArtsBcn

They opened at the end of 2010, by Passeig de Gracia Avenue. Part of the luxury Majestic Hotel Group you have the confidence of getting the best of the best in hospitality. @hotelmajestic

Located by the Rambla de Catalunya street ( not to be confused with Las Ramblas further down) Their focus on design is a concept of taste and uniqueness. They are part of Majestic Hotel Group which stands for luxury & quality. @hotelmajestic

  • YOU STYLISH (Luxury – Premium)                               

This is my best recommendation if you are looking for the perfect place to stay in Barcelona. A full personalized service from the moment you contact them. A car waiting for you at the airport and everything you may need during your stay like a Chef or a private tour. You can choose from a variety of apartments around the town in any of the districts that I have mentioned previously. For a single guests, a couple, family or a group of friends, they have it all. You decide how you want to enjoy pleasure in this cosmopolitan city. @YouStylish

  • SUITES AVENUE  (Luxury – Premium)                                        Location

Also located at this well-known avenue,  just under Hugo Boss Store. A building designed by Toyo Ito. A great option for business women and men or couples. Part of Derby Hotels. @Derby_Hotels

This is a special mention about a company that is coming strong in the luxury business related to short term properties. Their base is Barcelona but, if you check their website you will find exclusive options in Spain & Portugal. It is worth to check their appealing website and judge by yourself. @LucasFoxBcn

It is mandatory to mention these apartments because they have a complete offer around Barcelona. Also they have 6 differents and helpful types of apartments to offer in Barcelona. From a Holiday Apartment passing through a Medical Stay Apartment or Luxury Apartments to the Corporate Apartment . They know how to accomplish your needs and certainly this is a very premium quality to succeed in this business.  They offer exclusive high quality apartments in different locations in Barcelona but also if your plan is Family time, Party time, Cultural or Romantic then, They have it all! @Tendency_Group

We would recommend these apartments for couples or singles. Very well decorated, spectacular designed walls and ceilings. Also part of one of the most recognised hotel groups in Barcelona, Derby Hotels. @Derby_Hotels


Also Located in Passeig de Gracia Avenue. It is the perfect place for a Family up to 6, although comfortable for 4. Very well designed and most important a very central location to go anywhere you want with the best shopping in town. @apartmentsbcn64

Three different premium options (Splendom Suites, Grandom Suites & Splendom Residence) gives to Barcelona the possibility of having a great stay for business or leisure. 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. Located in the center of Barcelona by the Eixample district with an easy access to all the venues, fairs, shops and restaurants in the city. They have inagurated a new building in Madrid with a lot of success. One of the nicest touch of their services are the Molton Brown amenities @SplendomSuites

This is a great option if you are coming to the city to join one of the 100 Fairs that Barcelona host. They have 3 boutique buildings and the newest one is just by the spectacular and beautiful Gran Vía Avenue (both Fair Parks are located by the same avenue) The other 2 buildings are steps away from one of the most important highlights of the Gaudí´s city, The Sagrada Familia. In each apartment there is a personal touch related to the design which is a “… unique mix of functionality and the beauty of Nordic design with all the creativity and spontaneity of Mediterranean design “. Makes it easy for anyone who is coming for working or leisure. @Eric_Vokel

Located at Passeig de Gracia Avenue Nº115. They have received excellent compliments of their guests. The apartments have been renovated recently so even though the  design of their furniture look very standard its premium quality.

I have to mention these apartments and the following one, because they offer good quality of properties at a great location although for what it looks like more a 3* premium property. Located in Casp street Nº74 just 4 blocks away from Catalunya square (Barcelona´s main square) and Passeig de Gracia Avenue.  They have 4 types of apartments, I can recommend the Imperial apartment because of the well designed garden. It is located in the Eixample district but at the entrance of El Borne.

If you visit Barcelona for business or leisure the top 4 areas where you can rent premium property are:

  • EIXAMPLE ( Including St. Gervasi)  The heart of the city with easy access to all important places; all kinds of transportation through this district with easy access to the best shopping, museums, landmarks and restaurants in Barcelona. Paseo de Gracia Avenue and Gaudí´s creations like La Pedrera and Casa Batlló will be your glamorous neighbours to enjoy this city.
  • GOTHIC & EL BORN: Both districts are a big draw because they belong to the old town of Barcelona. Districts mainly composed of pedestrian streets, very narrow and where we can see that eclecticism of Barcelona. The  Picasso  Museum, Barcelona Cathedral, Santa María del Mar Church are some of the most photographed places in this part of town. An infinite variety of bars and restaurants to enjoy both the night and day. (10-15 minutes walking distance to downtown)
  • BARCELONETA: This district is for the tourist that wants to be near the sea. A district that began its official creation in 1793. Its main avenue called Joan de Borbó receives many pedestrians who want to enjoy paella or traditional Catalan food. From here you can enjoy the promenade looking at the mediterranean, which offers a number of restaurants, lounge bars, discotheques and of course the beach. (20 minutes walking distance to down-town)
  • DIAGONAL MAR: It is the district that is most far from down-town and is the newest thing that Barcelona has to offer. Very wide avenues, a wide variety of  4* & 5* hotels, a shopping center, parks and the Barcelona beach. Modern buildings of considerable height definitely the area where you can  find quality penthouse apartments  to enjoy great views. (15-20 minutes public transportation or taxi)
My “Don´t do it!”
  1. Even though Las Ramblas is a great highlight and a beautiful pedestrian street to join during the day, as a premium traveller never rent an apartment close to Las Ramblas  because during the day is one thing and by night it is better not to walk around. Specially if you have other unique options.  As I mentioned before from Catalunya Square and up you may consider La Rambla de Catalunya street which sounds very similar but is a huge difference.
  2. Since there are so many offers consider to book with one of the companies that have comments available from previous guests.
  3. Never pay the 100% of the total reservation in advance. A trustful company will never ask over the 40%. Some times depending of the amount of days or value of the property you might be asked to pay up to the 50% prior to arrival.
  4. Try to pay with Visa or Master card because some companies apply an extra charge if you pay with American Express.
  5. Never accept a change of conditions or a promise of a specific service without an e-mail or written paper.
  6. Barcelona does not open its stores on Sunday so don´t leave your shopping for the last day. You never know how busy you will be.
Your mission from now is to enjoy Barcelona because there are so many things to do that I am sure you will comeback again.
I truly believe with this you have the best options to stay in Barcelona. From now, you will be able to read more premium subjects about this amazing city and if you have any doubt or topic you want me to write about so don´t hesitate to let me know.

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