It happen always when you go to a city for the first time and you don´t know anybody there you wonder what is a good place to go at night to enjoy a drink, dance or just have fun.

Personally We don´t rely on the publicity where to go  so We would like to mention some places in Barcelona that we am sure you will enjoy. Places where you will find sophisticated and smart dressed people, away from tourist places, there where the high end and cosmopolitan go.

P.A.Deluxe presents you 7 unique and diverse places to discover this Mediterranean pearl.

Located in the Eixample district. Definetely one of the most sophisticated ambiance in Barcelona.  Probably one of the best places to be seen ( It is up to you though). It is part of the 5 stars Omm Hotel located few steps away form the exclusive avenue Passeig de Gracia. You have to consider that Omm Hotel host one of the top restaurants in the city ( winner of  a Michelin Star). You will find people from all over the world. It offers VIP spaces.  @hotelomm  

  • COPPELIA CLUB                                                        Location 

A perfect combination of the old town with elegant informal ambiance. This club was born couple years ago with the intention to create a perfect cocktail in an exclusive atmosphere. About how to dress up…Most of the time you will see sexy elegant ladies and smart casual gentlemen. A perfect place either to start or end the night. @CoppeliaClub 

With two seperated VIP sections The Sutton Club is situated in the most premium part of the city and is considered one of the most fashionable clubs in Barcelona. An spacious dance floor its doors are open Thursday to Saturday. This venue offer more than a 1000 square meters and on nights before public holidays.   @SuttonClubBCN


  • CLUB ASTORIA                                                          Location 

Kind of a new spot in the city. This awesome place used to be the Opium Cinema. It is almost same lay out but with a new presentation and decoration. There is also a restaurant so you might combine a full exceptional night in only one place.  You have to consider that most of the people arrives after 1:00 am so make plans to go somewhere else before if you want to join this sensational spot with the highest ceilings of any nightclub in the mediterranean town. @ClubAstoriabcn 

 At the 26th Floor of this stunning building designed by world-famed architect Ricardo Bofill you will be treated with astonishing views over the coast and the skyline of Gaudi´s home town. Eclipse bar is devided into 2 ambiences where you perfectly can mix a cocktail with  an unique view. Just be aware that sometimes they are lines so it might take time before you´ll get up in the elevator but, It is totally worth it! @W_Barcelona 

A very classical place located at the beginning of “Passeig de Gracia” one of the most exclusive avenues in Barcelona. An exclusive venue offered by Casa Fuster Hotel 5 stars Grand Luxe. It is the perfect location for intellectuals and sophisticated Catalans looking for unique places. Beautiful interior architecture and inspiring warm colours just excellent to enjoy a Macallan 1926 or a Hennessy Cognac Ellipse. Woody Allen is very much related to this hotel and especially to its Jazz Club, the perfect venue for Thursday. Selective , exclusive… certainly not for everybody. @CasaFusterJazz  

Located on top of the Tibidabo mountain with a unique view over Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea, this 5 stars hotel offers an elegant lounge bar. I want to mention it because of its superb cocktails and also because of that impressive view. Mandatory is to enjoy Miramar Bar which opens between March and October welcoming the summer season crowning every night in style.

  • LUZ DE GAS CLUB                                                                                   Location 

It is a nightclub close to the Diagonal Avenue also important as a concert place. Here you can enjoy a performance in a more private manner. After a concert it turns into a nightclub. I might not consider it the most exclusive venue in town but you will definetely have a great time. @LuzdeGasClub 

Barcelona is the place full of entertainment where you have it all. Just make sure what kind of entertainment you want and who you want to be around with to experience Barcelona In Style!


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