First, second or third home… main or summer house… There are different options around the world  to select Luxury and  Premium properties in Barcelona, Costa Brava and the Balearic Islands.

P.A.Deluxe mission is to show you the most outstanding Real Estate companies with base in Barcelona so you will be able to find the most personalized service, professional assistance, premium quality all the time and most important… Exclusiveness.

If you are coming for professional reasons, if  you have to relocate one of your executives from your company to Barcelona or you are looking for that particular property I can advise you an elite service with the following companies.


It is probably one of the most traditional agencies in Europe, creating its first office in 1864 offering exclusive properties around the French Riviera. Today, with offices in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco and France specifically in the most exclusive destinations in each country. With over 15 years in Spain they offer properties in Barcelona, Costa Brava and Ibiza. They are specialized in dealing with local and foreign clients. They also offer premium properties for short and long term rent. @JohnTaylorSpain



Over six years in Barcelona, with operations within Spain and Portugal, this Luxury Real Estate company has astonishing properties and locations to offer around the Iberic Peninsula. Multilingual service and premium professionals ready to accomplish any request or comment you may have. Also, They are very well recognised regarding their Luxury Short & Long Term properties around Barcelona, Costa Brava and Ibiza to name some of the most attractive locations at the Mediterranean  sea. Absolutely worth it to discover them.     @LucasFoxBcn



With an international and local staff, they are committed to provide uniqueness, exclusiveness and the most premium selections of properties around Barcelona. One of their strong points is providing a taylor-made service to their costumers.  Same as the other companies mentioned here they provide relocation services to the high end executives coming to this mediterranean city.  @bcnadvisors


What I can say about this premium company that we don´t know? Over 30 years related with the premium Real Estate, they are a group of franchise or licensing partners offices  of this privately owned German company. Located in almost 40 countries around the globe.  Here we can talk about an International guaranteed Real Estate Group. It is so easy to recognise them with those classical decorated   shops in an uniform corporate design that once you have seen them you know exactly what you will get… Quality and Premium Service! @EV_BCN


 Under the umbrella of a very distinguished group Luxury Dream Group  we know we are talking about high end services. They can provide anything regarding luxury within Barcelona and Spain.  You can find diverse locations outside Barcelona such as Costa Brava, Costa del Garraf or the city itself. Because they are so well networked in the luxury business in this area they might have that particular product you are looking for and you did not find yet. High end exclusivity!  @Luxurypropertis


Those companies are in charge of looking for that perfect property and when we are talking about premium quality they get close to one of the definitions that I like the most   “LUXURY IS SOMETHING UNIQUE, EXCLUSIVE, SOMETHING NOBODY ELSE HAS”
I wish you a great time selecting your new home and…

… Welcome to Barcelona!


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