(Versión en Español)

It looks like my clock has stopped when I enter in their private and secret atelier located at the top floor  in one of the most exclusive avenues in Gaudi´s city. A romantic corner composed by a lamp and a seat looking at the magnificent Barcelona´s skyline was waiting for me.

Everything started with an invitation just a few months ago. It was a casual visit that gave me the opportunity to re-inforce my believe in Barcelona. Our cosmopolitan city has style, uniqueness & exclusivity thanks to innovative and glamorous creations like Croxé.

Croxé is a private atelier located in Passeig de Gracia and only selected people have had the pleasure to be invited to this exclusive space. It is an experience to your senses that you can enjoy privately or with a group of selected friends.

The owners Daniela & Augusto have created a concept in this amazing  loft with over 300 hand-made limited edition pieces. Their inspiration is based on their hundred trips around the world. Recently they came back from a special trip to Israel and at this time they are in Dubai. I am excited to see the marvelous and fascinating result of that will be their new creations.

It is an inspiration to every one who visit this spectacular space. I have had the opportunity to brings some friends who are looking for that particular & unique gift, that specific piece to keep Barcelona in memory so I never go wrong extending an invitation to visit them.

Unique in design, exclusive in their service, unreapetable in their ideas, magnific in their presentations, friendly, humble and always willing to learn more about the world around them. Croxé is premium all the way and it is an honor to talk about professionals that always go up in their projects, surprising us step by step.

My invitation is here so let me know when you want to go. I will be glad to take you to heaven in this paradise called Barcelona!

Enjoy… Always in a Premium way!

Note: Croxé also offers unique & fantastic collections through their website and you are more than welcome to visit it as an extra experience.

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