Barcelona Tapas

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For this occasion I have asked the assistance and expertise of a specialist in gastronomy Pedro Salillas Perea

I have faced many situations where I had to decide where to go for tapas depending of the type of client or friends I have with me at that time.

Of course you always will bring them to the best places in the city but depending of what you want you should do a different path around Barcelona.

That is why I am going to write about 3 different paths a) The Silver b)The Golden & c) The Platinum

3 of them are excellent choices but it will depend of what experience you are looking for.

So here we go.

The Silver Tapas Path in Barcelona

  • Following the old tradition, marble tables, old or non decorative.
  • Popular dishes, atmosphere and flavors like old times.
  • Ideal for an easy going tour with you close friends.
  • Some of them just have a couple tapas and nothing else.
  • Many of them do not accept reservations.
  • Mostly we can say you will be lucky to get a quick service because especially at evening times you have to wait in the line, but it is worth to do it.

BAR TOMÁS             Mayor of Sarria, 49, 08017, Barcelona

bravas del bar tomás1º The patatas bravas – 2º fried artichokes.

Something they have done that they still hold the title of best Patatas Bravas in Spain. The criticisms (both positive and negative) are diverse but we can not doubt the popularity and the long lines outside. His fame in Barcelona is given by their Patatas Bravas with alioli (emulsion of olive oil and garlic) and chili. Located in the district of Sarria, it is essential to take a break after walking through the streets where nineteenth-century Catalan bourgeoisie had its second home and finish the walk with a beer and these Patatas Bravas.

BAR MUNDIAL       Plaza Sant Agusti Vell, 1, 08003, Barcelona

bar mundial1º Seafood of the Day.

A traditional old meeting bar for boxers. Its walls are the witness of the old days. We are talking about 87 years of tradition, with iron tables and terrazzo floor. It is the perfect place to start or end the tour by one of the most popular and traditional districts of Barcelona El Born. Do not forget to drink a traditional Vermouth.

BAR LA PLATA        Carrer de la Merce, 28, 08002, Barcelona

boquerones bar la plata

1º Fried anchovies.

A bar with a wide range in wines and moreover fried anchovies. It is located very close to Via Laietana and a few steps away from the Post Office headquarters. One of the emblematic buildings of the Gothic Quarter and the door to visit La Barceloneta´s district.  Maybe a glass of wine and some fried anchovies and you will be ready to go on your way.

EL XAMPANYET      Carrer de Moncada, 22 | Next to the Museu Picasso, 08003 Barcelona


1º Sausages 2º Anchovies.

Located in the district of El Born near to the promenade called by the same name. It is a pedestrian street, ideal for evening / night. This perhaps is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of cava (designation of origin for Champagne made in Spain) with a simple but delicious tomato bread (Pa amb tomàquet), sausage and anchovies Doble Zero ( extra large), one of the best in Barcelona.

LA COVA FUMADA               Baluard Street, 56, 08003, Barcelona

cova fumada1º Tapas bomba 2º Fried fish.

Welcome to the district of La Barceloneta. La cova fumada is a traditional tavern and one of the oldest in Barcelona, where you can sample the best potatoes and meat “bomba”  in the city. You have to be aware: This place does not have a commitment with design, this is pure flavor. I don´t think that many tourists know this place. You have to try the fried fish.

QUIMET & QUIMET      Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes, 25, 08004, Barcelona

QUIMET&QUIMET 1º cans – 2º sandwiches

Last stop, the Poble-Sec neighborhood, one of the most renowned avenues of Barcelona, Para-lel Avenue, known as the Barcelonian Broadway  because of  the high concentration of theaters and dinner theater like  El Molino. Known as the ¨cans¨ bar, serving their canned goods on a bread created by Dani Jordá, the most creative baker in Barcelona. Our suggestion within the excellent choices, “Tuna belly with a glass of wine”

I hope you enjoy the simplicity of good food, along with having enjoyed the various and diverse neighbourhoods and districts of Barcelona. We are preparing The Golden Path, which will be another excellent choice to walk around  different districts of Barcelona and enjoy their food. Always drink moderate and enjoy this city. Welcome to Barcelona!


Thanks Pedro!

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