This is one of the greatest opportunities we have to present to you 4 names representing the most unique, stylish, sophisticated, practical and elegant complements a men can have Made In Barcelona…..correction…Hand Made In Barcelona!

Arthur, Charles, Bruno & Darek are part of the collection for men of OEOE, a catalan brand owned by the greatest Artist, Entrepreneur and Social Educator, Anna Busquets.


OEOE is coming with a story from the many travels and years that  Anna spent a across Central and South America in countries like Nicaragua and Brazil. As she said, When she designs she puts on paper all her experiences , travels, conversations. Her whole world. The uniqueness of being a Globe Trotter!

Anna has had an amazing experience when she was in Nicaragua working as a social educator in an international cooperation program where she was in contact with a group of women who worked the leather and that it was the moment when a creator was born.

What is the magic of OEOE for men? They are concepts always related to them: minimalist, timeless, customized, sophisticated and always unique.


A 100% leather. Light and urban. The elegance of different European cultures united makes this bag the most cosmopolitan one for any business man. Anna definitely knows how to combine perfectly the black and blue and convert this beautiful piece in a luxury item with its own personality.



We are not sure if this bag belongs to Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge or Notting Hill but for sure this tailor-made bag has being designed to accomplish any needs of any cosmopolitan English spirit business man. We are talking once again about 100% leather. Premium quality and exquisite design. Anna, thank you so much for bringing us this bag “on time”!



We understand our amazing designer has been inspired by the Balearic islands, specifically Menorca but for us this magnificent bag has a lot of relation also with the Amalfi Coast. The uniqueness of the colors perfectly combined, A reflection of the Mediterranean Sea makes it the perfect luxury item for our Cavaliere. Complimenti Anna!



Absolutely agree with Anna´s thought. With Arthur she is sending us to Manhattan. A confident successful business man with a cosmopolitan spirit. A unique design, combining gray and black in simple lines that somehow makes it very unique and premium to eyes of everybody who is watching him. Welcome to New York!


We expecting Anna to launch new exceptional pieces for men, we sincerely hope she can provide us with a Tote Bag as one of the choices. At the moment we can be delighted with this creativity, style and premium pieces. Congratulations to a visionary because she absolutely has catch our attention and definitely we need more from her.

Maybe an Alessandro?

Ladies and Gentlemen enjoy the shopping for men or women at her virtual store.

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