german inostrozaAs founder of Marketing Territory, Germán Inostroza can be described as an experienced, cosmopolitan and versatile professional, with proven international experience in key marketing and sales functions for different types of companies belonging to the MICE, Tourism and Services industry, such as MCI Group, Ovation Global DMC, Hard Rock International, Royal Caribbean International, Disney World, among others.

Equally adaptable to teamwork and autonomously, his approach revolves around establishing meaningful relationships and influencing decision makers to create and maintain strong business ties.

A passionate professional with solid experience in digital marketing, networking, sales, public relations, lead generation and management. Germán has developed his negotiation skills for B2B and B2C representing both companies and individuals.

He is currently President of SITE Spain and Vice-president of FORO MICE, consolidating a powerful network of contacts both in Spain and in the world.

His objective is to continue building and creating experiences, always seeking to increase the business and visibility of the companies he represents.



Johanna Carrillo – Deputy Vice President (Washington D.C., USA)

Officially or unofficially, I’ve always seen German in a leadership role. He’s always inspiring, motivating (and even entertaining) friends, colleagues and/or other employees, who tend to seek his advice and support. He is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has learned how to deal with people with a variety of backgrounds with intelligence, vision and integrity. He is a fun-loving, likeable, enthusiastic, trusting and trustworthy person. I’d love to work with him in the near future.

Sylvia Cubillo – Director of International Wealth Management (San José, Costa Rica)

Germán is one of the most energetic people I know. It is a pleasure to interact with him every time we have class because of his experience, perspective and insight support a clear and innovative way of thinking. He has also an amazing ability to enjoy while working and makes others’ working environment enjoyable as well. If I had to choose someone from my class from whom I would work with it would be him because of his effectiveness, creativity and focus on details for a determined task. It has been a pleasure to know him and it would be an honour to work with him in the future.

Juan Ospina – Manager of International Business Development (Adelaide, Australia)

Throughout the years that I have known German, he has always impressed me on how passionate he is about people, knowing other cultures and in general anything that interests him. In several occasions, he has shown an uncanny ability to show sympathy towards others in a manner that leaves memorable marks in the people surrounding him. He is constantly striving to find new creative ways of doing things. I have never met somebody that the popular phrase “thinking outside the box” could apply better too. He has an extremely outgoing and friendly personality that has made him able to create friendships and links to people all over the world, which makes him a perfect person to be involved in the hospitality and tourism industry.
It would be a pleasure and an honour to work with him again.

Maxwell Moya Wright – Senior Coordinator (Valencia – Spain)

Working with Germán here at Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus has not only been a great experience on a personal level but on also an academic one for our students. The workshop he gave on ‘Best ways to secure sponsors’ received very great feedback and we already look forward to collaborating with him again in the future, given his experience in the subject and the way he transmits his passion for the music industry.

Patrick Redknap – Marketing, Events & Digital Strategy Consultant (Oxford, UK)

I have worked with German running several high-end events and he always delivers above and beyond the expectations! German is always available to help no matter where in the world he is and has managed to cater for all of the elements I have required no matter how last minute they have been. If you want to run a top-level event that is going to deliver German is your guy!

Bara Pelcova – Business Event Specialist & Organizer for The Americas & Iberia. (Prague, Czech Republic)

German is a great speaker and a truly hospitable person. We visited him with a group of 20 undergraduates from the US. German added value to our week ‘business and culture in Catalonia’ program. He’s not only passionate about what he does but he also lives it. German is one of the people that can talk and clearly explain what his work is about as well as the specifics of his industry and impact of the economy. Based on our meeting I believe he would also make an outstanding professor!

Laurent Beretta – Keynote speaker (Paris, France)

German is the best example of a real marketer and acute sales manager: he thoroughly enjoys people, creates unforgettable experiences and knows how to bring human values to a brand. Even more than that, his willingness to try new approaches and go out of the beaten path is the quality that very few marketers have: Daring with a sense of trust. We were first invited by German into the Hard Rock Café after having visited their stand during EIBTM 2013. German has a real sense of hospitality. We then collaborated on a digital magic project @ Hard Rock in 2014, where German welcomed us again and put enough trust in our services to free our creativity. This resulted in an awesome evening where everyone’s emotions were engaged, both on the participants’ and the organizers’ side. This is what marketing and salesmanship are about: emotionalizing brand content and creating great memories associated with a product or service. And this is exactly what German does best. We’re looking forward to working with him and his team soon.

Miguel Trapè – General Manager (Barcelona, Spain)

I have known Germán for many years and he has been collaborating with me in the Hotel and Restaurant Revenue Management Master that I teach at INSA in the past three courses. He has been in charge of making lectures to the students on Restaurant Marketing and Restaurant Operations using his knowledge and experience of the field. He is one of the most appreciated collaborators from the student’s point of view and I would have no doubt in recommending him as a professor since he is both knowledgeable and entertaining when giving lectures

Douglas Santos – Corporate Recruiter LatAm (São Paulo, Brazil) 

Germán is a one of a kind person and professional. Germán is extremely energetic, passionate, and intelligent and puts his heart in everything he does. Everybody really enjoys to have him around and I remember how committed he is to his career and projects. I highly recommend this professional to any Hospitality Management role which requires excellence and high customer service. Germán translates the essence of making your organization successful and he will find creative ways in making your customers loyal to the brand. I am totally available to provide any reference required for Germán.

Jonathan Ysaye – Specialist & Area Manager in Skarkup (Madrid, Spain)

German was a really warm and hospitable person the first time we met in EIBTM in 2013. He has always been available to discuss further, with the same warmth and I want to add: Quality. He has a clear vision of how to manage actions with high professionalism. He’s really interested in creativity and originality to maintain the brand spirit at the level that required by such a corporation that he represents. I totally recommend Hard Rock Barcelona to spend unforgettable experiences and really nice moments under his management. When the companies we represent met: Magic Happened!!!